Enticing to Say the Least!

Enticed, by Ginger Voight, is the first of the Fullerton Family Saga Series and it was pretty damn good! I picked it up after reading through a pretty good high school drama (I will blurb about this later) and I am glad I did. I liked this book because the heroine wasn’t the typical sexy, skinny size 6, blonde/brunette that was heart-broken and meets and falls in love with a million-billionaire. Granted books are fantasy but dammit give us some credit guys make these people some-what real!! Well Ms. Voight heard the pleas and gave me this ordinary, size 12, seventh grade school teacher who shopped at discount stores on her meager teaching salary. Anyway, on with my review.

This book represents book 1 in this trilogy as I stated before and I can’t wait to dive into book 2 as soon as I post this blog. The story is about a 7th grade teacher asked to home school a millionaires 9 yr old son that is on the verge of military school because of his horrible behavior stemming from his parents divorce. I am sure you all are guessing that she falls in love with the boy and the dad and now this homely teacher is about to be the lady of the manor. Guess AGAIN this book took a turn I damn sure wasn’t expecting and I know you won’t either. It was so good I was upstairs locked in my room trying to finish it quickly because it was getting juicer and juicer! I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars as I haven’t finished the series I can’t say it’s perfect.


Happy Reading!


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