Unbelonging & Rebelonging totally belong!



Unbelonging & Rebelonging, by Sabrina Stark, kept popping up on the “customers who bought this book also bought…” suggestion box on my Kindle so I decided I’d give them a try. The cover art had me thinking it was something cheesy; I was wrong.

Chloe, a struggling waitress with and accounting degree, takes a job as a house-sitter in a very affluent neighborhood in Michigan to supplement her income. She puts on this “rich girl” act to land the house-sitting gig because she knows that if the couple knew the truth they wouldn’t want her broke ass in their mansion.

Lawton, a bad-ass tattooed billionaire who’s famous for street fighting, is Chloe’s new neighbor. While walking the dog she sees him and wonders what in the hell is a guy like that doing in this area? This is where all the confusion starts.

I really liked this series because of the, looks can be deceiving aspect of it. He belonged, she didn’t. The constant misunderstandings between the two of them make for one hell of a story. Especially the movie poster and sex tape debacle; Kim and Ray J would be proud. The characters are loveable  and despicable to say the least but I find Chucky being my favorite scene stealing little guy and Grandma’s cussing and ransom note totally come in a close second. I give this series a 3.75 out of 5 stars because I found a new Book Boyfriend in Lawton and possibly Bishop, although doing brothers is totally wrong; it’s my imaginary world and I can do whatever I want!

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