Come to Me Quietly..wasn’t quiet at all

I absolutely love A.L Jackson! I’ve read Take this Regret, Lost in You, Pulled and When We Collide, so it was only natural that when Come To Me Quietly popped up after I finished the Unbelonging series I hit the “Purchase Now” button on my Kindle.

Come To Me Quietly is anything but quiet. The characters are both flawed and harbor deep secrets, secrets that they both believe would threaten the feelings they have for each other. Jared, the male lead, has decided to come home to Phoenix after running from his demons for nearly six years two of which he spent in a Juvenile Detention Center. Hoping to quiet the screaming within him and the sins of his past haunting his dreams he runs into his friend Christopher Moore, who offers him a place to stay while he’s in town.

Aleena “Aly” Moore is Chris’ little sister and roommate, getting a call from her big brother saying their childhood friend Jared would be staying with them for a bit, goes into panic mode. Can she tell him what she did 6 years ago? Will it change how he sees her? Will he run away again?

This complicated love story was a fantastic read, especially since bad boy Jared drops the F bomb just about every other word. I swear fuck has to be the best curse word EVER! The only complaint I have is he kept stating how he “fucked” everything up, how he ruined things, how what happened 6 years ago changed his life…WTF happened! I mean of course as the story goes on you eventually find out why he is so tormented but dammit tell me up front what you did or start with the flash back of what happened, I am so impatient with things like that…but I digress. There is a sequel to this book (which always seems to be the case now-a-days) that will be released in late June and of course I will read it but I appreciate that there is no cliffhanger to this book. Your not left wondering what happens next, there is no big dun dun DUUUNNNNN at the end…you just know that their story isn’t over. It ends in such a way that if you don’t read the second book you will be ok. 5 out of 5 stars for this one, just for that…but I’m a sucker I will be purchasing the next book!


Happy Reading!

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