Somebody Rescue Me…

So…I was browsing around on my Facebook page and came across a comment in a Book Club I belong to. The comment was “if you loved Beautiful Disaster (author Jamie McGuire) you will love the Wrecked Series by Priscilla West”…those lying bastards! I was excited to read this because of the crush I have for Travis Maddox (the hero in the BD series). If I was 15 years younger and a fictional book heroine…he could get it! Anywho…

Wrecked (1) & Rescued (2), by Priscilla West, are OK to say the least. To be honest the story could’ve been summed up in one book instead of dragging it on for two. Actually after Chapter 3 in book two I thought the series was complete, if I would’ve stopped right there it wouldn’t have mattered.

Lorrie is a 20yr old college sophomore after taking a year off to deal with two tragedies that rocked her entire world. She decides to go back to school to try to gain some type of normalcy in her life and meets Hunter.

Hunter is a graduating senior who moonlights as a MMA cagefighter for extra money to cover school costs.

College student looking to change her life and hard body bad boy who fights for a living are the ONLY similarities these to books have. Now granted, the shit Lorrie goes through before coming back to college is rough and because of that I thought she was going to make a great heroine for this series; turns out she is the most confused, whiny, annoying, constantly crying character that I couldn’t like because she was always a blubbering mess! I did love Hunter. He constantly called her on bull but he was so playful and lovable you had no choice but to root for him. I fell in love even more when his “challenge” was revealed. He and his ex-girlfriend Ada where the saving grace for this book in my opinion. Ada was a BITCH in every sense of the word. I liked her grit and the way she let Lorrie have it in book 2. I was lying in the bed yelling, “tell her how you really feel Ada!” Granted, the reason Ada was calling was a good one and she had definitely over stepped, but dammit if someone didn’t grow a pair in this book! I also found a couple of areas where whole sentences were printed twice, or the conversations where out of sync for a second but it was easy enough to follow. So 2.5 out of 5 stars for this series it was a Beautiful Disaster alright.


P.S the prison scene is kinda romantic…so sorry for that semi-spoiler

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