Pretty Darn Good

Boy I tell ya…when you buy at least 3 books a day, you would think Amazon would give you a deal. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my inbox to a $3.00 credit on the next book I buy, but of course it had to be from “pre-selected” titles. BASTARDS! Well of the titles that I had to choose from I figured Ex on the Beach, by Kim Law, seemed like the better choice of the four available.

Andie owns a wedding planning business on Turtle Beach, Georgia. After being left at the altar by her fiance` Mark 4 yrs ago, she’s got the those who can’t do teach thing going. She books what is going to be the wedding of the year and lo and behold Mark is the best man for this wedding, sista can’t catch a break!

Mark is prepared to see Andie again because he needs closure. He’s blown every relationship he has been in since her because he can’t get her out of his mind. He wants to get closure, so he says.

I read this book because I got it for .99 after my $3.00 credit from Amazon was applied. Wooo Hooo! It was a damn good book and actually worth the $3.99 it would have originally cost. By the title I already knew what to expect, so the ending was a given. The book was put together like a good sandwich. The summary and the title give away enough to be the bread, however, all the great goodness is in the middle. There was a lot of unexpected which made for a good read even though I had predicted the ending. The wedding drama is good and the skinny dipping 60-year-old is even better. I recommend this book with 5 out of 5 stars. Damn good stand alone novel.

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