3 Days, 3 Books, 3 Amazing Mindgasms

This weekend made for some amazing reading. I managed to read the second book in the Hacker Series, as well as Collided and Pulse recommended by my partner-in-crime (well reading crime) Paige Thompson. Side note: Paige has given me some of the most wonderful book suggestions once I found my passion for reading again. Thanks to her I have been introduced to some amazing authors, fantastic stories and she helped me discover my inner book slut! I now have more book boyfriends than I can count.

Back to the weekend rollout!

Friday night I started with Hardpressed, by Meredith Wild, part two in the Hacker Series. It obviously continues where we left off in Hardwired with Blake and Erica.

Blake, the controlling former internet hacker turned businessman and Erica the new internet entrepreneur of the fashion site Clozpin, have decided to give their new relationship a go. With her best friend and business partner now living in New York. Erica hires a new marketing director, Risa, to fill the void of her absence as well as James, another computer nerd to help her web developer. Without giving too much away, considering I pride myself of being able to give my opinion on a book without spoiling it, this series picks up quickly and doesn’t slow down. Each new character introduced is well written and plays into the story perfectly. Erica and Blake’s past play a MAJOR role in the turn of events in this story spicing it up more than I anticipated. Although I am a little disturbed on how things ended with the soon to be Governor, it wasn’t quite realistic considering all the trouble he causes, hopefully Ms. Wild will delve more into this situation in book 3; expected to be released on 6/16/14. I’m going to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars because I didn’t like how abruptly the trouble causing Gubna was “put in his place.” Ass kicking doesn’t even begin to describe what this son-of-a b*&^% deserves. This particular part of the story shouldn’t have ended this way at all.



Saturday and Sunday was filled with Love, Lust and some other L words that made this series Fan-Freaking-Tastic! Gail McHugh did a damn fine job with these books. so much so that I need a day of rest to recoup from my book hangover.

Gavin Blake is hot, rich, sexy on legs and the Co-CEO of Blake Industries . Blake is the love em and leave em kind of guy until he meets Emily Cooper as she is delivering food to his office.

Emily Cooper is new to Manhattan, moving to New York with her boyfriend Dillon after the death of her mother. She has a degree in teaching but is working as a waitress until something better comes along. After the delivery guy quits Emily does her boss a solid by dropping off dinner to Blake Industries and this is where it all begins.

The books in this series are so good that I can’t really discuss it without spoiling every beautiful minute of it. Both books take you through so many emotions that you can’t help but love them. Mr. Blake is possibly one of the best written male leads that I have had the pleasure of discovering especially with all the IVC (involuntary vaginal clenching) this sexy piece of man seems to cause. While Emily is so wonderfully damaged and confused that she makes for a great heroine.  There are a few “please don’t make me slap you,” moments that had ready to cuss but all I can really say, and this is the most important, is READ THIS SERIES. It took me back the Emi: Lost and Found. a series by Lori Otto, with the love drunk factor. I was so emotionally drained that I needed to take a day before I started a new book. 5 out of 5 stars for this series right here! Mr. Blake has edged Mr. Grey from the top of my Book Boyfriend List.


Happy Reading!

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