Call Girls & Spices

I picked up Call Me Saffron, by Talia Quinn, yesterday and finished in a few hours. It is one of those books that you lay on the beach with a glass of Sangria, a big floppy hat and lounge chair to read. It was short sweet and to the point. Although it states that it is Book  in a series, it’s another one of those each character gets their own novel(book, story etc) type of series.

Samantha is an Architect at a small design firm. She is brutally honest to a fault, practically orphaned and avoids any emotional connections if possible. This girl has an unnatural long-term relationship with B.O.B

Dylan is hot, lonely and awaiting the finalization of his divorce from his bed hopping wife. He decides on a little payback and hires a call-girl for the night.

Jeanine is Samantha’s roommate, grad student and call-girl. After getting Dylan’s “date” request and their get to know you correspondence she begs Sam to step in for her since she’s come down with a terrible flu and can’t reschedule. I mean hell what else does she have to do? Why not put Bob down for the night, get some real deal unattached, non emotional sex!

The story unfolds from here since Sam agrees. I was wondering how Ms. Quinn would pull off having the characters fall in love considering she was a “prostitute”, but it all falls into place wonderfully. I liked the characters allot; the fact that it was the man who was emotionally needy and not the woman made it all the better. The author makes them so complex and easy to love in such a short story that it was hard for me to put down (140). The love scenes were sexy to say the least and although Dylan didn’t make it to Book Boyfriend status, he is definitely on my friends list. 4 out of 4 stars

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