Fearsome…I was so afraid

I just finished Fearsome by S.A Wolfe and I’m afraid that I didn’t like this at all.

I started this one late yesterday and it was a struggle to stay focused. It’s about a genius named Jessica Channing who discovers her Aunt Ginnie died and left her this giant plantation house in Hera, NY. She gets there meets these two sexy as sin brothers and falls in like with one and in love with the other.

I couldn’t really get into this one because she, Jessica, was a damn confusing mess. I mean seriously to be a genius she was definitely dumb as a box of rocks. The story was ok and not really hard to follow but I found myself struggling to pay attention. I could see where the story was going immediately and as much as I loved the small town love affair of it all..Brothers? Really? Now I know what you’re thinking, “You loved the Entangled Series and that involved two brothers fighting over the same girl, don’t be a hypocrite,” and you are absolutely right…but this delivery of “brother loving” sucked ass! Not to mention the female lead in the Entangled series was likable. 2.5 out of 5 stars, I loved Carson and Dylan, the brothers, their story was this books saving grace. If it could be saved at all.

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