Sweets and Sex, who could ask for anything more!

Cupcakes, Cookies and Cocks does it get any better than that! Well of course it does because the Plus One Chronicles, by Jennifer Lyon, combines sweets and sex in the most delicious way. This by far has now made it in my top 10 favorite series.

Kathryn Thayne is a beautiful sugar baker who runs Sugar Dancer bakery. While setting up the cake display at a wedding she meets Sloane Michaels, six-foot five inches of HOT DAMN! A former UFC champion turned businessman who’s intrigued by the cute cake lady with an odd limp. I would explain the premise of what a Plus-One relationship is but they do it in the book and I would hate to spoil that for you.

I started this on Saturday and read straight through, only stopping to text my ace-in-the-place Paige. I had to tell her how awesome this book was. Paige has a unwaivering love for Travis Maddox of the Beautiful Disaster Series (Travis is her ultimate book boyfriend) and according to her no one can top him, well Sloane is damn close. We’ll call him Travis’ big cousin!! This series made me laugh, cry, gasp and bake brownies this weekend. Each book just gets better and better. Lately the series I have read leave something to be desired with each passing book. They start strong and sometimes finish strong but the middle falls flat, not with Plus One. Ms. Lyons makes sure you are drawn to and engaged in each book and although books 1&2 have cliffhangers, they piece together like the perfect puzzle with book 3 being that last piece. I know without a doubt you will love this series as much as I have so for that 5 out of 5 stars!


Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “Sweets and Sex, who could ask for anything more!

  1. Paige says:

    It’s funny that I commented on the post in Book Talk saying that each book got better and better and then read this and you said the exact same thing lol! I like Sloan’s character but girl he’s no Travis haha! Thank for the lend!! 😘


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