Sweet Things & Rules

I’ve had the pleasure of reading two full length novels and two novellas since my last post. I will talk about the Novels but the two novellas will have to wait until they are complete; now I am on the fence with both of them so I would rather judge them as a whole vs. individual stories.

I read Sweet Thing by Renee` Carlino first.

This was a pretty good book, I had a touch of insomnia and finished this book in the 24hrs that I was awake. I didn’t mind it at all because I was so in love with the male lead of this story. Will is a 29yr old bartender and musician who lives in a broom closet and has an irrational fear of flying. He is an amazing song writer and when he loves he loves with everything. He is just the right amount of playful, lovable and sexy that any girl would love to have in her life but OH NO not Mia. Mia is odd. She is a musical genius and straight A graduate who inherits her dad’s coffee shop and rental properties in NY. She meets Will on the plane ride from Detroit to NY and they hit it off over their love of music. The story is very good and I loved all the characters except for Mia. I hate a confused person and it makes it worse when it is a woman. We are usually depicted as weak and needing to be saved, or whiney and confused and this silly chick was all the above. I hated her indecisiveness and found myself wanting to read more about Will and the supporting characters than her and the old ass dog. Don’t get me wrong I love animals, the parrot in My Skylar was funny as sh!t(y’all better have read My Skylar by now), but this poor dog was on his last legs and it was just sad. Mia’s character had potential but I just couldn’t love her so for that I will give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I started Rule by Jay Crownover late last night. I finished it today and actually liked it very much. I had appeared in my recommendations

for some time. I hate to say I often judge books by their covers because I SOOO do and this dude on the cover just doesn’t do it for me. But since it was on sale and I am biding my time waiting for Beautiful Oblivion I gave it a shot. I’m so glad I did! This book was a ball of awesomeness, it’s about this girl Shaw who’s in love with Rule but everyone thought she was his dead twin brothers girl. A hot mess right!?! Boy was she not! The secrets and what-nots of this book worked well with the way it was written even though by the time they got down and dirty I knew why she was NOT his brother’s girl. The pain and trauma they both go through to make it on the other side is heart breaking and keeps you engaged but I’ll tell you what; if it takes that much to be rich, having to be a puppet and live under a dictatorship, I’ll gladly remain part of the middle class. Hell I love my Hyundai. This book is part of the Marked Men series and again it’s one of the series where each supporting character has their own novel. Other than Rule’s older brother, Rome, I have no interest in reading about the other characters. There wasn’t enough emphasis put on any of them to gain any real interest. They were just background noise. Any who, 4.5 out of 5 stars for this bad boy, not a bad way to pass the time



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