Mid-Life Never Sounded So Good!

I am a 35 years old and Claire, our heroine, is 40 and my American Idol! Not only does she bag a BILLIONAIRE, but she bags a 28 yr old billionaire with a big… Welcome to Cougar Town Baby!! I actually stumbled upon Mid Life Love, by Whitney Garcia Williams, as it was the last story in the Silk Anthology. I couldn’t put it down I found myself so sucked into this woman’s life that I spent the first 2 hrs at work finishing the story. 

Claire Gracen is a working divorcee` with twin girls who hates her job as Marketing Director for Statham Industries. Her girlfriends believe she has re-grown her hymen considering she hasn’t had sex since she divorced 4 years ago! Talk about drought..

Jonathan Statham is the billion dollar man, all the boys want to be him and all the girls want to bang him. At 28 he has the world by the balls. He believes he can have any woman he wants and he wants Claire but she doesn’t want him. No isn’t something he is used to hearing. Let the chase begin.

I laughed my ass off in book 1. I can’t remember when I spent more time giggling and wiping away tears while reading. The story is so wonderfully written that I couldn’t wait to read book 2. The way Jonathan pursued Claire was adorable, her silly teenage daughters and her douche-bag ex husband gave this story a slight Cinderella-esque feel. However, by book 2 I was ready to slap Claire into next week. She did redeem herself but for a moment I was starting to lose faith. I liked book 2 for the realness of her anger with her ex husband and his new wife. What happened to Claire was enough to make a chick go postal but she kept it cool for as long as she could, however, when she let if rip I found myself in the bed screaming, “slap that b!#$”. So immature of me, I know. Oh well. These two books were a fantastic read and although I am late coming to the party (they were released last year) I’m glad I found them. Whitney G is a great writer as I’m sure you read my praise of her Reasonable Doubt series. #Andrew So 4.5 out of 5 stars because she DIDN’T slap the new wife, LOL


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