May the Schwartz Be With You!!

I have waited WEEKS for this and this morning at 5am I started Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Oblivion.

I am a HUGE fan of the Beautiful Series and this book was on my summer MUST NO MATTER WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON READ list; so I stopped in the middle of the book I was already reading, Besieged, to devour this little gem of a story.

Cami is a bartender and college student with a horrible home life. Although she doesn’t live at home anymore she keeps getting dragged into family bull yet that isn’t what makes her life so complicated. Cami has a boyfriend, TJ, whom she doesn’t get to see often, can only text and with occasional phone calls and sporadic visits her love life doesn’t seem to getting any better. To make matters worse she falls for Mr. Complicated himself, Trenton Maddox. Loving two people is never easy and when one of them is a Maddox boy it makes it even worse.

Trent comes with some baggage, he’s a Maddox. Sexy as sin and will kick your ass from here to Timbuktu if pushed. Trent has secretly loved Cami for years but has respected her “relationship” for as long as he could. But no more. He is going after the girl he loves with everything he has/is and that is what makes this such a wonderful love story.

This book was a big steaming pile of AWESOME! I basically love everything Jamie McGuire writes so I expected nothing less. I will say that from the reviews that I read everyone is loving Trenton more than Travis but I’m still Team Travis. Trenton and Cami’s story is wonderfully written and I would only change one thing about it. Halfway through I figured out the “TJ” thing so I was hoping for a more climatic situation but it fit with the way the story was going so I’m not too upset. I do recommend reading Beautiful Disaster before reading this one even though it says Book #1. It will give you a better perspective of all the characters as the books of course intertwine. As a matter of fact I about to re-read Beautiful Disaster just to keep this Beautiful High I’m feeling now. 5 stars Jamie these Maddox boys know how to love  a woman


Happy Reading


2 thoughts on “May the Schwartz Be With You!!

  1. Paige says:

    I was so ridiculously excited for this book and have to say, its my least favorite Jamie McGuire book. Don’t get me wrong, it was great but a little far fetched for me. I must say Lisa I am impressed you figured it out halfway through because I had no clue!! I also don’t get how everyone was pushing my Travis to the side for Trenton, no freaking way! #teamTravis💚!


    • Lisa M. says:

      I figured the TJ situation out when he didn’t get mad when she talked about what happened between her and Trent. No man is EVER going to allow that to happen without blowing up…EVER. And yes, Trent was a nice guy but Travis still holds the crown


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