Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Usually I discuss,  well not actually discuss, comment about books I’ve read recently. As you can see I’ve posted nada since Beautiful Oblivion,  not because I havent been reading but because of the 5 books I’ve read two were worth my time.  I will give you those gems in a separate post.

Now everyone knows I love adult books…hell why am I sugar coating it? I love smut! Thats right. I think sex is an important and realistic part of life and relationships so I expect a good shagging in the books I read because I am a sucker for romance. However,  when I find myself skipping the sex scenes in a book hoping to find some type of dialogue or some way to tie the story together you know it’s bad. I feel like I’m reading a bad porn. Girl meets sexiest alpha male alive, girl knows she shouldn’t have him but the electricity between them is too strong, girl ends up on her back then spends countless hours trying to convince herself why they can’t or shan’t be together.  Write, Rinse, Repeat.  

I mean really. I know it’s fiction but can we get some semblance of reality in these stories. And what is this electricity everyone feels? I’ve been shocked before that shit didn’t feel good it HURT like HELL! I love my husband but I don’t feel this dynamic pull when he’s in the room; hell half the time I don’t know he’s there until he calls my name. I think he’s part ninja or something. I guess I’m just venting because I feel like some of these “authors” are just churning out crap based on this fifty shades-esque formula and aren’t putting the time into the art of storytelling. Every girl wants to be swept off her feet but damn does she have to always land on her back…IJS?  I’ll hop off my soapbox now.


Happy Reading



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