Hudson Hudson Hudson!!

If you haven’t read Laurelin Paige’s Fixed Trilogy by now, slap yourself. This series was so damn good I actually read all three books twice. I will warn you that I have one spoiler from The Fixed Trilogy. When it showed up in Hudson it brought me back and to be honest it’s the funniest, most ignorant statement I’ve ever read.

Hudson was one of the books on my summer MUST READ NO MATTER WHAT list so of course I pre-ordered it. At midnight on 7/7/2014 I hit the refresh button so I could get started. I was curious about how this was going to play out. I was hoping that Ms. Paige didn’t just re-tell the WHOLE story from Hudson’s POV and that we would have some insight into his past with Celia or the man he was that made him the asshole he grew to be. She didn’t disappoint. The first few chapters took us back to Hudson’s youth, not so far that you were bored but just right around the college years when he started playing “the game”. The book was wonderfully written. The way she toggled back and forth from the past to the present made for a good read, it allowed the books to intertwine without regurgitating the earlier books word for word. Ms. Paige manage to fit all three stories from the Trilogy into this one book about this remarkable broken man. I was so happy that she kept all the pivotal plot scenes that made me love this series to begin with. My favorite, being dinner with Sophia Pierce, Hudson’s mother. What A Bitch! She doesn’t like his girlfriend, Alayna, and makes it known at the dinner table all while throwing is ex-girlfriend and their deceased child in Alayna’s face. Jack, Hudson’s father, is sick of her insults and her over all bitchiness and makes a grand ol speech.

” As for my wife, I’m not going to invite her to rot in hell, as I  probably should, because I think she already lives there. At least hell is where anyone who spends any time with her feels like they’ve been sent,” Jack Pierce, The Fixed Trilogy.

How GANGSTA is that!?!!??!! I swear if I ever am in a situation that calls for a grand stand I am going to use this quote…how awesome would that be. I promise to record it and put it on Vine LOL. But I digress, read this book. But only after you read The Fixed Trilogy. It’s on sale now so make sure you get it. 5 out of 5 stars for this wonderful addition to this series.   NO SERIOUSLY READ THIS SERIES!! Now to wait for Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover   Lisa

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