Weekend Book(s) Review…

So, after reading Hudson I had to go back and finish the two novellas I purchased prior to its release. I also had the opportunity to read a short story that was gifted to me although I’m tardy with the review of it, YIKES! I had a very busy weekend with 3 birthdays, a pool party and softball I am surprised I got any of these books finished but because my Kindle and I have had such a meaningful love affair, when he beckoned me to hold him and turn him on, I couldn’t resist. I started with H.M Ward’s Secrets and Lies… Sexy dude on the cover gets 5 stars just because. Air brushed or not this man is fine. Too bad I can’t say the same for the start of this series. I like H.M Ward, well all except the paranormal/fantasy/vampire, werewolf stuff, but she is getting damn ridiculous with all these short stories that go on FOREVER (The Arrangement is up to part 15 I mean WTF)! I like the Ferro Family that she has created, they are very interesting well written characters. They draw you in and make you want to keep reading but all these 80-150 page short stories are getting on my cotton picking nerves. Finish a f*&^ing book already! I loved the Wedding Contract, it had a beginning, a middle and an end, like a book should and I gave it 5 stars. I know I am just a lowly housewife who reads and blogs for fun but milking these stories for every penny you can get is going to drive people to say f*it and quit purchasing these types of books all together, but I digress.

The story started out great and I was hoping it would continue  considering how much I liked The Wedding Contract. Boy was I wrong, the story became stupid and bordering unrealistic with how quickly the heroine came to be in her sticky situation. And of course it ended with a cliffhanger, which means if I want to know if this story redeems itself I will have to continue to buy more books. At $2.99 ea I cannot; at $.99 I will consider. 2.5 stars out of 5 for  the story and the fact that I hate being juiced.

Then I read My Hunger by Lisa Renée Jones… This is also part of a series, but I don’t mind paying for this because it makes freaking sense! This book intermingled with The Inside Out series and fills in some of the blanks of one of the major players in the series. To read this book/novella, you must have read If I Were You, Being Me, Revealing Us and The Master Undone. This set of stories is very very very good, I got through all of them in one weekend once I discovered the first book, If I Were You, and find myself giddy when a release date is set for the next book. Although I just went on a tangent about books being a series just to juice my pockets, this is different because the stories are actually worth it. The story itself is so good with constant plot twists and turns that you don’t see coming, the characters have meaning relationships and dialogue not just lust filled days and nights with that freaking “electric pull” all the authors seem to wanna shove at you, and it’s more than freaking 99 pages! They are actually BOOKS! Woo Hoo, something that takes me more than 1hr to read! Okay, let me stop and get back on task…My Hunger was a good “snack” to the Inside Out Series while waiting on the next book, No In Between. This short story deals with Mark Compton, the infamous dom and art gallery owner whose sub went missing in book 1. We pick up after the revelation of his sub’s death at the hands of a woman who’s wanted to be his sub and found the only way to do so was to end her competition. His BDSM lifestyle, which his means of escape, has become the major source of his troubles. We get to see Mark on a more personal level and how he’s dealing with all that is happening around him and his involvement in the murder of his submissive. I loved this morsel of a story and will give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. And finally I finished reading the Prince’s Ex by Nadene Seiters late Sunday night. I was on the fence with this book, it was romantic but took a minute for me to really get into it. Amelia, is the ex-girlfriend of a Prince whom she dated for a year only to find out a month after they broke up he is engaged. Tina is her slutty yoga instructor friend who is flipping hilarious with her antics. The story follows Amelia as she tries to get back onto the dating scene and find someone to spend her life with. I didn’t really care for her too much. She was too whiny, insecure and confused. I know most of us in our mid-twenties are/were probably the same way but to me she came off way to superficial and status hungry. She grows out of it (not age wise, but mental/personal growth wise) towards the end, THANK GOD! Peter the coffee guy (I know it’s barista but that sounds too girly for a man) is awesome, divorced and cute. He likes Amelia but because he doesn’t have the status that she thinks she needs he unfortunately gets over looked as a possible suitor and ends up in the friend zone. Poor Pete. The story was okay and I found myself giggling at some parts and rolling my eyes at others. I wish it would’ve had more back story on Amelia and Prince Simon just to get an understanding on why Amelia was the way she was. We did get our Happily Ever After with this romance as expected and it was cute. I consider this book a rainy day, hot cocoa or tea read especially if you like HEAs. 3 out of 5 stars   Happy

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