Loss For Words

That used to be me; up until 3 days ago there was NOTHING that could come between me and my love.  Yet, I am tempted to cheat on my Kindle. I said it dammit! The warm weather, pool parties, cold beers, Sangria and Happy Hours have slowly been taking time away from my beloved. I’ve downloaded 12 books, read 5, reviewed 4 and if I can accurately count that means I have 7 left to go. The dilemma is this; I don’t want to! I think I have burned myself out or the promise of beer and wings is just too tempting. I read for pleasure and don’t get me wrong I love writing and talking about the books I read. I call my sister, who’s never read a book unless it was for a class assignment in her life but still manages to join book clubs for the wine, to discuss the juicy bits of whatever I’m reading before I write about it. She said to me today, “You’re awfully quiet. Read any good books lately? ” My husband, who loathes my lover, Kindle, said he didn’t recognize me with out the black AMAZON label in front of my face. I think Kindle and I need couples counseling…what is happening to us? Is it him or me? Maybe we need a temporary separation just so I can explore my summer options.

We’ve got to come to some type of agreement soon because there are a lot of good books coming out and once school starts we won’t be able to spend as much time together. Oh Kindle honey, tell me how to make this right, I love you so much…


3 thoughts on “Loss For Words

  1. Paige says:

    You are too much! You probably did burn yourself out! You were reading like a maniac lol! Go get some sunshine girl and pick up with your kindle a little later!


    • Lisa M. says:

      I finished a book yesterday and I am reading now. Kindle and I decided we were spending too much time together and we needed a break. We’ve agreed on down time reading only on a trial basis to see how that goes…LOL


  2. Nikki G says:

    I’m trying not to download anything because I am taking 2 classes but I’m trying to wait patiently for Captivated by You.


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