Little Black Books,, Random Acts of Crazy all of it Trouble!

I’ve read faithfully again..I think my lover and I are on the right track and with Colleen Hoover’s, Ugly Love, coming out August 5th all is right in the literary world of Lisa M.

I started with Random Acts of Crazy by Julia Kent. I briefly touched on this in my last post as I had started it while reading another book to see if I could manage two books at a time. I loved this silly ass book! This book was so darn absurd and funny it put me in the mindset of Decker’s Wood, the story of the porn star with the broken mmm WOOD. Darla finds this dude high as a kite walking down the interstate with his guitar, a dog collar and a straw hat. That’s it. Nothing else. Let the foolishness begin, not to say that some random dude walking buck naked down the highway isn’t foolish but the story gets better after the naked hitch hiking. Trevor, the naked dude, is rich and in a band that his parents don’t approve of even though he is damn good at it. Unable to deal with his life he takes an asshole amount of peyote and ends up naked and hitch hiking from Massachusetts to Ohio..the silliness of this book is awesome and it has one helluva threesome scene, that in and of itself is enough to make me give it 3.5 stars. The life lesson learned is cool… all follow your dream and don’t conform to society you know… the usual. I just suggest you don’t get high and hitch-hike naked to do it

I then read a series called Meeting Trouble and Following Trouble by Emme Rollins


Rock star love is always a good is the ultimate fantasy that can actually, possibly if you’re in the right place at the right time happen. Well this story is no different. Elementary school teacher meets the man of her dreams, lead singer of the band Trouble, outside of the concert venue. Makes me wanna start stalking Bruno Mars concerts, LOL. (something about that pint size little Hawaiian does it for me) They spend a day together and discover things that neither of them knew was missing in their lives and fall in love. These two stories were short but full of ooey gooey goodness. I mean sex, drugs, rehab,sex, unexpected pregnancies, crazy ex-wives, more sex, a gun and a Mastif all make for one helluva story. I give this series a big fat 4.5 stars, I would’ve given it 5 stars but it wasn’t long enough I wanted more more more!

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