Too Lost to Tap Out

Playing catch up is a mother f*****, but when you have to stop to read a wonderful love story by Colleen Hoover it is acceptable. I managed to read Ugly Love AGAIN but you already know how I feel about that so I will move on to the first book I read during my catch up period.

The first book I read was Tap Out by Michele Mannon.

Sophie Morelle was the queen of late night TV, she gets fired from her network because she injured MMA’s golden boy Caden Kelly during an interview. She gives him a concussion and now he hates her and she hates him for getting her fired. She decides she needs a plan to get back on top in the TV world and what better way to do that than an in-depth documentary  starring the one man who hates her most, Caden Kelly. He got her fired he can get her re-hired.

The synopsis of this book seemed like it was going to make for a good read. I love fighters. The whole Alpha Male, with a soft side is such a turn on for me so I just knew I was gonna love this book. Well dammit I was wrong. It took me 3 days to read this book because I just couldn’t get into it. The story was so confusing especially in the beginning. It’s written from both characters perspective and I found myself skimming through the chapters voiced by Sophie to get to Caden. Caden was the real story, I think if it was written solely from his perspective than this book would’ve been so much better. He was sexy, aggressive, yet boyish and charming. And he sang Blake Shelton songs loudly and badly! This black girl loves her some Blake Shelton, he is my country crush. Any who, he was everything I loved in my male leads and she was everything I loathed. Uppity and she didn’t cuss. Who the hell doesn’t say a curse word or two or twelve. I mean seriously if I read the word “dang-diggity” one more time I was gonna scream. WHO SAYS THAT! The book got better towards the end but it definitely took allot to focus just to get to that point. 2.5 out of 5 stars, I would only read this if you have nothing else to do.

Book two on the catch up list was Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan. Book one in the Here and Now trilogy.

oooohhhhh weeeee I like this one allot. I’ve already ordered book 2 and book 3 just came out last week so I will have my thoughts on those coming real soon. So here’s the skinny. Hanna  wakes up from a coma and can’t remember the last year of her life. However, it must’ve been a good one because she is wearing an engagement ring given to her by the one man she has secretly had a crush on since she was 13. On her second night home she wakes up to a sexy as hell man kissing her and attempting to bring her to climax with his fingers, she realizes it’s not her finance` and almost loses it when the “talented” strangers lets her know that they are more familiar than she remembers. This is some life time movie stuff and chicks LOVE Lifetime movies. Hanna is torn between these two men because she feels so strongly for both but can’t remember dating one, or sleeping with the other and considering her finance` thinks she’s a virgin she SO has to figure out if she did the dirty with the handsome stranger she sent running from her apartment. The book takes us through her struggle to remember the last year of her life, more specifically the last three months since that is when the most life changing experiences occur. I can’t say too much about this book without giving it away but put this on your to read list. 4 out of 5 stars for book one in this trilogy

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