Drunk In Love With This Series…

WE BE ALL NIGHT IN LOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!! Drunk in love with this book. I finished Book 3 late Wednesday and I was so in love with this story I needed sometime to nurse this book hangover.

If you haven’t picked up the Here and Now Series ^^^^^^^^^^ by Lexi Ryan by now than shame on you! I love a good book and if I say it’s good then dammit it’s good! I would never steer you wrong my literary friends..ever. In the last book we are still trying to get back the 5 days leading up to the accident that has caused Hanna’s amnesia and you are NOT going to believe who caused the accident. It took me a minute to figure it out and every time I thought that I did I was proven wrong so not only did Ms. Ryan do a fantastic job with the love story, she did a great whodunnit job as well. I can’t go on too much about this book without spoiling it. So I will tell you this is 5 FREAKING STARS!! All three books were great. Read the books NOW..By the way Book 1 is free on Amazon.com


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