Gimme A Break…

Alright now…it is safe to say that if you are reading my blogs you understand how I feel about sex in the books I read. It doesn’t have to be sex-filled, but sex is apart of life, love and relationships so if you are going to sell me on a love story there needs to be at least one sex scene. With that being said…I must say I have read some HORRIBLE sexual descriptions. I mean I’ve heard several different names for penis

  • cock
  • man meat
  • dick
  • Richard (my personal favorite)
  • member…

and for vagina

  • pussy
  • cunt
  • coochie
  • tootie (me and my niece call it that lol)

So with all the different names for our unmentionable parts why is that I find myself either giggling or rolling my eyes at some of these sexual descriptions? I am not an author by any stretch of the imagination but it must be really hard at writing and describing sex without being too vulgar or too silly. It is painfully obvious do it so much better than others but when I read:

” He was slowly pulling out and fitting in my tight pocket” or “his member was thick and hard, sack heavy with need” or “my cunt was full of his man-meat,”

What in the world!?!?!

I am asking everyone reading this blog..please tell me some of the ridiculousness that you have read…

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