This Much Is True…

So this book was my weekend reading material, I started and finished it Friday and it was pretty good. This Much Is True, by Katherine Owen, was pure Drama, DRAma, DRAMA. It was like watching a car crash and I just couldn’t put it down. Not that it was soooo good that is was the greatest page turner, it was just so shockingly unreal that I had to see where it was going and how it was going to end.

Tally is a prima ballerina that has a problem with telling the truth. She hides behind this tough façade and her lies to protect herself and others that she loves. Lincoln Presley meets Tally in the most unfortunate of circumstances but then falls hard, but does he fall for her or the lies…this is what you are reading to find out. But when I say this chick causes one unnecessary problem after another I am not kidding. Allot of her issues would’ve been avoided if she would’ve grabbed her “sack” and just told it like it was for once. You can clearly tell she has good intentions, none of her lies are ever really malicious but it does no one any good. I mean underage drinking, teenage pregnancy, baby sales, major league baseball, ballet careers and Russian prison cells all wrapped in one book. See…told you drama. the book is pretty decent for that I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. I don’t recommend it as a MUST READ maybe an If You Got Time read

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