50 Shades Softer…

 I stumbled on The Agreement, by S. E. Lund, Wednesday night while waiting for dinner to finish. I figured what the hell it’s only .99 so if it sucks then it was only a buck…boy was that the best .99 I spent that day! Ok maybe not the best (the soft baked chocolate chip cookies from McDonald’s were pretty damn good too) but darn close. This book is about a young journalist/artist who is writing an article for the Geist, a local paper, about the BDSM world and why women are so attracted to it. She meets with a Domme who introduces her to Master D; a Dom to help her get a better understanding of the BDSM world and help with her research.

There is no Red Room or crazy ex-submissive waiting to kill our heroine, but there is a judgemental best friend, a father running for office and an ex-wife who shows up out of the blue. This book is well written and the characters are fantastic. And don’t forget the sexy time..oh how I love my smut! The drama, the submission, the sex…all makes for a great series. Now I haven’t finished the series as I have only read books 1 & 2 and just started book 3 this morning but so far so got damn good! 5 stars for my fifty shades fans. Please add this to you To-Be-Read book list!

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