Dammit I Need to Live in Rosemary Beach!

If I did do you think I could find a guy that looked like one of these? Jesus be a six-pack these boys are fine!! But I digress, this about Abbi Glines new book One More Chance, not my obsession with sexy as hell Nick Bateman so I guess I better get on with it.

 Okay that’s the last one, I’m sorry but this man is delicious.




Love Love Loved these books. I started the Rosemary Beach series on a recommendation and fell in love with Rush and his crew. Although I haven’t read all the books (some characters don’t need their own stories IMO)Grant and Harlow’s story was one that HAD to be told. Both characters where so different yet so perfect for each other I couldn’t wait to read Take A Chance and One More Chance. I laughed, gasped and cried during Take A Chance, I sighed, cried and then cried some more with One More Chance.

Grant Carter is cute funny and hard-working, the best friend/step-brother of Rush Finlay (Rosemary Beach’s sexy bad boy turned pussy whipped husband and son of a rock God). Grant has had his share of one night stands and random hook ups until he meets Harlow Manning.

Harlow is the daughter of legendary rock band Slacker Demon’s front man, Kiro Manning. Because of the crazy wild life Kiro leads, Harlow, raised by her grandma away from all the sex, drugs and rock and roll, is quiet, shy and a virgin. Harlow is sent to Rosemary Beach to live with her recently discovered evil, born from the devil’s mistress, pain in the ass sister, Nan.  This is where Harlow and Grants story begins.

Take A Chance was sweet and heart-tugging. One More Chance will take your heart, break it to pieces, pick it back up then slam it on the floor then put it back together again with a kiss. Although I feel this book was beautifully written, I didn’t like the way it ended. Everything doesn’t need a HEA, sometimes sh!t gets real and we have to deal with it. I would’ve loved a different ending but I am completely satisfied with the one it had. Now I am excited to read the story of Tripp and Bethy, Rosemary Beach’s resident Hoe-Bag…there was a hint of something in Once More Chance that this story will be quite interesting.

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