Beautiful Liars…

So…I follow several bloggers, authors and fan pages on Facebook and I belong to a group named “Book Talk” also on Facebook. While perusing the status of an author that stated, “tell me what you’re reading right now,” I noticed several people had Black Lies. It sounded familiar to me so I went to my go-to group of ladies in Book Talk and I noticed Paige had read it and loved it, so I decided to give it a try. So glad I did!

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre was all that and a bag of chips. The prologue had me drawn me in and the story went for the kill. The book follows Brant and Layanna relationship for 3 years, during which lies are told and secrets are kept. Secrets so big it could cost Brant his billion dollar company, lies so treacherous it could end a loving relationship before it actually flourishes. The characters were so well written and developed I enjoyed each and every one of them including the villan.

Ok enough with this bull…let’s get down to the nitty-gritty! I was so into this book that I couldn’t put it down. They kept making mention of his secret this/ his secret that, I was like WHAT IS THE FREAKING SECRET ALREADY DAYUM!!! But that is what makes the book so good. I found myself constantly guessing at what this perfectly handsome, successful, billionaire techie could have in his closet that would rock his world and affect the lives of those that love him in such a negative way? Every guess I made except for the first irrational one was incorrect and I was getting pissed. That means the writing of this book was really good, it kept me intrigued and guessing entire the time. When the secret is FINALLY revealed you will have the biggest GTFOH moment. The sexy time was good in this book I’m sure but I was so enthralled with all the other aspects of the story that the sex was obsolete to me. Now you know this book is good if I’m not commenting on the smut aspect.

5 out of 5 stars…read this now!


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