Come On Baby Light My Fire!!

Light My Fire, by Christie Ridgway, was pretty darn good. My mama always told me that everything free isn’t always good but in this case she was wrong. I stumbled on this little gem via my Facebook Feed. I always click on the links for books I’ve never read and check out the synopsis to decide if it’s something that might capture my interest. I went with this because I needed to kill time before Raced, the companion to the Driven Trilogy, was released.

What a good way to pass the time. This book (#1 in the series) centers on two of the 9 children fathered by this 70’s rock band named the Velvet Lemons. Yeah they had to be high as hell with a band name like that, but anyway, the three members each fathered a rack of kids and sent the mothers packing. Although they didn’t raise any of them they had Gwen, the super groupie, live on the compound as a pseudo mom to the Rock Royalty Nine while they went on tour and did whatever Rockstars do.

**side note: One dad gave all his kids the last name of their mother so he could remember which groupie the kid belonged to, how effed up is that?!?

Any who, the two of the Rock 9 is Renford and Priscilla, who don’t have the same dad but pretty much grew up together. Priscilla has had a crush on Ren since she was 12 but always feared he looked at her like a sister. An unfortunate circumstance brings them together YEARS later and fighting the attraction they both now have is hard. She is scared to get too close to him because of an irrational insecurity her PSYCHO ex-boyfriend instills in her. He is too is scared to get close because he always leaves he never stays with women long (mommy complex). This story was well written and the characters were quirky and fun. Priscilla’s ex does something that makes you wanna slap fire out his ass!! But she gets vindicated in the end. Of course this has a fantastic HEA complete with a castle and tower LOL…so 4 out of 5 stars for this great freebie find!

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