Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy!!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few books over the last couple of days and although I enjoyed them both I loved Rules of Protection so much more. So I have to start with that.

 Allison Bliss did one helluva job with this story. It is about  FBI agent Jake Ward and Emily, the young lady he had to place in witness protection after she witnesses a Mob hit. I loved every minute of this story, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes every 10 pages. Emily gives Jake a hard time the ENTIRE book.  I’m surprised he didn’t just leave her  and say screw witness protection because girlfriend really tested his patience. Often. The characters of this book were fantastic! Jake, Emily, Floss, Cowboy, Ox, Judd… I loved EVERY SINGLE ONE, from the villain to Mama Bell and the half dead dog on the front porch. They all have a certain charm that makes this book flow from beginning to end. Between all the smut and drama filled books I’ve read lately this light-hearted romance with a bit of mystery thrown in was perfect. Although I knew who the bad guy ways by the time she made it to the safe house I still give this book 5 fantastically funny stars! Add this to your must read list.

Second Chances by H.M Ward and Stacy Mosteller was the other book I has the pleasure of reading this week. Although I am an “on the fence” Ward fan I did, however, like this book. Ward does a lot of serials and it’s kind of irky to have to keep spending $2.99 for an unfinished book, although I can’t be mad at her because I was the idiot that kept buying them. But to my defense she made the cliff hangers so damn juicy I couldn’t help it. Any way, Second Chances is about a yoga pant widowed mom of 1 trying to deal with life after losing her husband and best friend. She finally finds love again and you will never guess with who…the lawn boy and when I say boy I mean get your “Cougar” on girlfriend! The book kept my interest and I finished in a few hours as it’s not a terribly long read I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Her mom made me giggle with all her meddling.

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