“One Click” is the DEVIL

I swear I “one click” a book at least 2-3 times a day. And it so doesn’t help that I follow so many authors and book blogger pages that I find myself with so many books on my TBR list that I am constantly playing catch up. Good thing that I love to read and in two days I’ve managed to read a complete trilogy and it’s companion so lets get to it…

 The Temptation Series by K.M Golland was my last “free” find during my “one click” frenzy. I stumbled on Temptation (FREE) and couldn’t stop reading.

The story takes place in Australia so the writing style is a little different but it’s a great story all the same. It follows Alexis Summers, wife and mother of three, through her journey of re-entering the workforce and falling in love…with her BOSS! Yes I did say she’s married and yes I did say she fell in love with her boss. Now before you faithful wives toss this to the side because you can’t stand a cheating wife, I suggest giving this story a try anyway and keep and open mind. Bryce Clark is a sexy hotelier with more money that he knows what to do with and after all that he’s suffered he doesn’t believe in love or that it will ever find him.

I found this story quite eye-opening, hilarious at points, tragically sad, magically happy and frustrating all at the same time. I went through a myriad of emotions while reading this book but I loved every minute of it. Now at some points Bryce just seemed too good to be true, but then again aren’t most of our book boyfriends that perfect mix of sweet and alpha all rolled in one? And they fucked like bunnies..I mean I am a SMUT connoisseur and I found myself skipping some of the sexy time..I mean geezus I’m surprised her cookie didn’t slap her from over use. But then again maybe she was making up for lack of use in her marriage, who knows. Anyway this story was great there are some parts that would have made for a MORE interesting story. The crazy cousin and the flirting hussy needed to appear just a little more to make this trilogy perfect but over all I enjoyed it…4.5 out of 5 stars, I needed a touch more drama LOL but add this to your TBR list please!

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