Seeing Stars

I’ve been gifted the opportunity to read Lauren Blakely’s new romance Stars In Their Eyes. Talk about excited!! This wasn’t the first time I’ve received an ARC, however, it was the first time I’ve received one from an author I’ve read several books of (No Regrets Trilogy, Night After Night series). I wasn’t sure what to expect, secretly praying it was good as I would certainly have cried if it was bad because writing a bad review for an author I like would’ve totally sucked ass. I was nervous to write this blog because as you all know I try my best to give my honest opinion of a story without spoiling too much if not any of the book at all. Which in turn makes me different from a lot of other bloggers who tend to add quotes and scenes from the book that either entice you or sway you from reading. Then I decided hey I can only be me…

 So here goes nothing…WITHOUT SPOILING IT!!

Jess is a cute, no-nonsense college senior in Los Angeles. Working to pay her way through college and saving money for medical school she moonlights as a…wait for it…a papparazzo! That’s right folks, she is a soul sucking celebrity stalker that we all LOVE to hate but couldn’t live without (US Weekly, TMZ y’all better not pretend you don’t secretly love it). But hey…at least she isn’t stripping right!?! Any who, on her way to pick up the money for her latest celebrity sighting photo she meets William. A sexy British senior with a student Visa trying desperately to secure permanent residency in America by obtaining a work Visa. Will and Jess are undoubtedly attracted to each other but she tries to fight it and stay focused on the matter at hand; get the photo of the celebrity wedding of the century so she can pay for Med School. Guess who has the inside track on said celebrity wedding and can help her get into the venue???

This was a cute story, I enjoyed it for the most part. The banter between the two characters was adorable and it made for a delightful read. I really liked getting into the mindset of a paparazzi photographer; how they stake out their marks, how some publicists actually tip-off the paps and how the game’s played in Hollywood. The supporting characters were also pretty good. Although each character was minor they brought the story together to help round it out making it an enjoyable read. Each “star” and the shows/movies they’re involved in made me think of certain real-life celebrities and I found myself trying to guess who they’re modeled after which was another thing that made this book fun. The amount of time it took for Jess and Will to fall in love was a little off for me but hey that’s part of what makes it fiction. William and his sexy accent has made it to the Book Boyfriend Potential list. He’s too adorable for his own good, a book-life (can’t very well say real-life now can I) genuine good guy. And since accents are my new thing he definitely has potential. The sexy time was a little tame for my tastes so for that I will give this fun love story a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book, funny thing is I would rather see it as a movie!! Oh and here is who I pictured as sweet Will the entire time.

 London born Daniel Sharman with his cute self!!


Happy Reading!


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