Stepbrother Dearest…Damn Good

 Penelope Ward had done it again! And by again I mean if you haven’t read My Skylar then seriously SLAP YOURSELF!! No seriously. The way this author writes a love story will make you look at your significant other with the side eye…

Well anyway, I’ve been patiently waiting for this story for some time now and Sunday night I kept hitting refresh until I saw it appear within the confines of my lover, Kindle. Swoon…yes dammit I swooned. I was excited but mainly curious about the book because I couldn’t imagine being in love, or even in like with a step sibling. Now granted “step” siblings aren’t related but it still feels a little incestuous. BOY WAS I WRONG.  I started the book Monday and finished it Monday which is a testament to how good it was. It took me two days to come down from my book hangover so this, my friends, is why I am so late with this review. I don’t even know really where I should begin? I guess with a synopsis of my own…

17-year-old high school senior, Greta, waited nervously to meet her step brother, Elec. Elec is her new step fathers only son who is moving in for a year while his mom takes a teaching job in London. Elec is a bad ass who hates his father for leaving his mother. His sole intention is to make the year he has to spend with his “new family” hell since that seems to be what his life was like since his dad left. What Greta didn’t expect was to be attracted to the one person who tormented her on a daily basis, but damn he was HOT.

Greta Hansen ( tee hee Hansel and Gretal was all I kept thinking, I know I’m childish) was sweet, yet strong and loved with a fierceness I couldn’t imagine. No matter how bad Elec, the ass, treated her she showed him compassion and understanding. And when I say he was an ass, he was an ASS. But I found myself laughing every time he did or said something to tease her. He was very witty and funny and although I pride myself on not spoiling it for you I have to give you this blurb because I couldn’t help but giggle:  I laughed so hard when I read this part because this dude really was being a GIANT DICK! But as the story wears on (it spans 7 years) you come to understand why Elec is the way he is and what a wonderful man he grows into. I fell in love with these characters as they were wonderfully written. I especially loved the unique way the story gets told from his POV towards the end. And the epilogue…Oh the epilogue.. I will stop here because if I go on I will ruin it and damned if I’d do that to you. So I will end it with READ. THIS. BOOK. NOW! 5 out of 5 stars from this Bookworm


Happy Reading!!!


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