Loving Moore…

 A book a day keeps the boredom away. So as you may have figured it took me three days to devour this trilogy and I was far from bored with this beautifully written series by Julie A. Richman. I stumbled upon Searching for Moore, the first book in the series, via Facebook (it’s free right now). Again one-click is the DEVIL! In Searching for Moore, the book follows Schooner Moore and Mia Silver through their first year at a new college in sunny California. Schooner is a 18-year-old former child model/tennis star starting his freshman year of college. Born with killer good looks and a family that is very privileged, Schooner has his life mapped out and plans to see it through until he meets Mia Silver a 16-year-old also starting her freshman year of college. Mia is from a privileged Jewish family from New York. She isn’t used to the high standards that person’s place on looks and family influence like they are in Cali. She is a free spirit and as long as she is learning, loving and growing she is a go with the flow girl. Schooner admires this about her, he wants to be free like Mia. Their parents bond over freshman orientation and Schooner’s dad asks him to watch over Mia because she is so young. Guess what…Mia and Schooner fall in love but it’s a little complicated because Schooner has the perfect Mean Girl Barbie Doll girlfriend, CJ.

Each books follows the story of the main characters and their fight to love each other through the odds. Book 1 is told mostly through Schooners POV. I really liked this one as it set the foundation for what ends up being a wonderfully well-rounded story. Mia and Schooners beginning is so cute you can’t help but root for them although you know that the MGBD is going to cause trouble you hope for the HEA that all us girls crave. By the end of book one you’re heartbroken, devastated, pissed off, hopeful and high -fiving the universe because Karma is a mother-freaking genius. Then you’re back to being devastated and clutching your pearls…ain’t that a bitch.

Book 2, Moore to love, is told mainly from Mia’s POV. It follows her life and the events that lead up to her reconnecting with Schooner. This book by far is the most powerful of the three. Mia’s self-destructive behavior and the ups and downs she experiences with love and relationships gives more insight about how important therapy is after a tragedy or life-changing event. The only thing I didn’t like about this book is it didn’t necessarily pick up where book 1 left off…well it did just not immediately. I am an American, we like instant gratification dammit! With this book I yelled, gasped and cried like a new-born baby it was so moving.

Book 3 wrapped it all up with a nice bow and I loved every minute of it. So a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5 for this wonderful stumbled upon find. I highly recommend reading this one.



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