Where do I begin…

 I am at a loss for words..and that’s saying A LOT! I was asked. very nicely I might add, to read and review this Erotic Comedy and decided why not! The blurb made me giggle as I was curious about what an “Inner Penis” was..weren’t they all outies? When I started reading I got the picture and I laughed my ass off. Now let me say this, if you are a fan of those spoof movies then you will love this book. It pokes fun at E.L James’ Fifty Shades and unless you haven’t read that, which I’m sure we all have, then you wouldn’t get the many Fifty-esque references this satire makes. The roles are a little reversed here as our Billionaire CEO, Ms. Black, is a woman with a “dark past” and our little innocent is country boy, Chad Peterson, who’s fresh out of college.

I laughed my ass off, rolled my eyes and thought some of this is down right ridiculous! I pride myself on no spoiling anything but some of this is too silly to not share…after his first spanking for being disobedient Ms. Black explains to Chad why he got that ass spanked,

” I didn’t want to have to do that. This is not what I want our relationship to be about. But my past is so dark, though, that sometimes I need to do that” 

” Couldn’t we just get a punching bag or something? Maybe learn some mediation? That really hurts”

” I’m sorry, we’ll take it slow and I will try to control my dark side.” Okay, Darth Vader.

Chad has several Inner Peen conversations and they find themselves in some awkward situations. I totally enjoyed this little nugget of a book. It was definitely a worth the day it took me to read it. Complete with lesbian roommates, naked sushi models, fingernail biting fetishes and crates of condoms I recommend reading this if you need to lighten your mood! 3 out of 5 stars from this entertained reader.

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