And We’ll Never Be Royals..

 I spent the weekend with the Prince of England and the Royal Family. Well the Royals according to Geneva Lee. Command me was flipping awesome. I’ve always wanted to visit Merry Ole England and if it goes down anywhere close to how it does in this book then across the pond I go!

Command Me is about Clara Bishop, a recent Oxford graduate who meets a sexy stranger at a graduation party. Trying to avoid a confrontation with another girl, said stranger grabs Clara and kisses her hoping to dissuade the other woman. Wondering who the man was that kissed her senseless, Clara doesn’t have a clue until her face is on the front of a tabloid claiming she is the Princes’ new flavor of the month.

MAMA I DONE SNAGGED A PRINCE!! I loved this story. As part of a series I can not wait for part two to pick up where it leaves off(11/2014). I mean sex, gay royalty, arranged marriages and accidental deaths who could ask for more. I can’t say too much about this book, it’s something you just have to read. I wanted to slap Priscilla, kiss Prince Edward, shag Prince Alexander and cry for Princess Samantha. 5 out of 5 stars for the star of a promising series!

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