Hot for Teacher…

 I spent the last day reading Losing It by Cora Carmack. It’s book 1 the series so of course it has a cliff hanger. I’m usually not too fond of cliff hangers but this one wasn’t too bad.

The story is about Bliss, a college senior, who has yet to lose her virginity. She wants to turn in her V card so bad she lets her bestie convince her to just have a one night stand. I mean cheese and rice…not matter how bad you wanna lose your virginity I swear if your best friend suggests a one night stand you should cut her. But anyway, they go out and she meets a totally hot British dude and he’s the one..he is gonna get the gift of all gifts! Yeah right, if only it was that easy. Bliss chickens out and leaves dude in her room buck naked! OMG..I understand being scared or nervous but there is no way I’m leaving some random dude alone in my room sans pants, what if he’s a weirdo and tries on my drawers!! But I digress…in class the next day she is to chicken to tell her best friend she bailed on HBG (Hot British Guy) and lo and behold he is the new theater teacher..Oh Sugarfoot! Let the foolishness begin.

This story was pretty cute, everything Bliss did to try to avoid her new teacher and the feelings she was developing for him was often times straight hilarious (Cat named Hamlet). The fact that she is oblivious to all the other men that seem to be attracted to her/love her makes this a little angst filled but not too much that you are ready to slap anyone, but the push and pull between them is enough to keep you reading. The fumbling and bumbling that happens every time she tried to lose her V-card before she “should” is another cutesy part to this fun read. It’s not smut filled but when it finally happens it’s nice and REAL. 4 out of 5 stars for this fun start to what I am sure will be a good series..still trying to figure out why I never had and Hot Teachers?? Seriously all my years of schooling and not one damn hottie *sigh..on to Book 2!

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