Hopeless Romantic In The House..

 One thing I will never claim to be is a hopeless romantic. For the most part, the books I read are considered “romance” with a heaping side of SMUT. I like moderate drama, lots of sex, the occasional slap or two and maybe angst filled issues. I’ve never been hung up on “Cinderella” type romance or believed that every book has to have a Happily Ever After. But along came Nina Lane and the A Spiral of Bliss Series and it turned me into a sap for 3 days. I was so emotionally invested into this series I couldn’t get enough. I needed a few days to recover from my book hangover, a freaking sappy I love Love hangover…WTF

The books center around married couple Olivia “Liv” and Dean. They met when she was a student at University of Wisconsin and he a Professor of Medevial Studies. This isn’t the typical student/teacher romance as she wasn’t his student just a student. The books chronicle the trials and tribulations that they go through and I loved it so much because their issues where real issues. Financial, Infidelity, Miscarriage, Sexual Harassment and family problems, things most married couples can relate to. Although this is a lot of drama it is presented in a way that keeps you interested and it has that real feel to it. I’ve known people who have been through one if not a few of the issues in this book. I laughed, cried, booed and fell in love with all three books, their characters and the message the author conveyed when it was all over.

My only complaint is to never, EVER EVER call a penis a prick. Telling someone you want to feel their tight pussy around your prick is awful. When I hear prick I think of a small needle stick or someone being a jackass and I am sure no man wants their penis thought of as a small needle stick, I’m just saying. So 5 freaking fantastic stars for this lovely read. Now to read something with some grit, I’ve gotta get over this mushy feeling

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