Gabriel’s Inferno..tardy for this party

So after reading the Spiral of Bliss series I was desperate for another Student/Teacher romance and this came highly recommended. I know it is several years old with the last book being released last year but I must say I did enjoy it.

Hottie Professor Gabriel Emerson is a Dante specialist at some University in Toronto..if you aren’t an English major of a lover of all things Italian, like me you were probably thinking “what the hell is a Dante Specialist??”  So after consulting with Google I found out that Dante Alighieri is a 14th century Italian poet who wrote a lot of good stuff. Anywho, so Julianne is one of Professor Emerson’s students who is madly in love with him and he a bit smitten with her.

The story is pretty good as they go through a LOT of drama thanks to an abusive ex-boyfriend, a skank ass classmate, unrequited love and a sleazy Italian professor. I loved everything except all the darn 14th century literature that they kept quoting..I mean come on I spent more time trying to figure out what the fudge they were talking about so I could accurately understand certain aspects of the story. I mean I got the gist of it but not many people walk around with extensive knowledge of Dante and Beatrice, St. Francis of Assisi and Shakespeare. Let alone be able to quote it. I loved the way he loved Julia although at times it was overwhelming for me to read and for her obviously to deal with.  Sometimes I felt like she was a damn doormat and I wanted to slap her face for just giving in to him so easily especially when his excuses were IMO bullsh!t. My favorite character of this whole series is Paul. He was strong, loving, compassionate understanding and there for Julia. He is the man of most girls dreams but of course we always want the one that is harder to get, the one that makes us cry..the bad boy. The sexy time is hot and I am still pissed that in all my years of schooling I’ve never had a teacher/Professor that made me wanna lose my religion…well at least fantasize about losing something and I’m pretty sure it ain’t religion LOL..

So 4.5 out of 5 stars for this trilogy..I would’ve given it 5 stars if I didn’t have to consult Google

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