This is Audible…

I love to if ands or buts about it. Ever since my mom gave me her Kindle I’ve been addicted to it. I have several “real” books, I mean hell E-readers weren’t always around, but the ease of my E-reader allows me to take my ENTIRE collection of books everywhere I go. And I mean everywhere.

My addiction to reading was so bad that I would show up to places 10-15 early just to sit in the parking lot and read. I would be up until 3am sitting on my sofa saying “I’ll head to bed as soon as I finish this last chapter” which usually ends with me up until 5-6am getting dressed with burning eyes because I couldn’t stop until I finished. Then I discovered Audible!

I had the fantastic epiphany that I could download the Audible App and listen to my books as I drive so I would never have to miss a chapter again, I can get my fix and me ok. YES YES YES…the book Gods were smiling down on me. Or so I thought.

This is how I felt when I downloaded my first Audio book. Deva-fuckin-stated! Now don’t get me wrong not all audio books are bad, but it sucks when you have women reading parts for men and vice versa. Can you imagine my surprise as I am waiting to hear the sexy voice of Christian Grey as he addresses Anatasia Steele for the first time and it’s some janky ass woman attempting to deepen her voice to sound like a man..that’s not sexy. Complete let down. My imagination worked so much better than this audio version. However, that didn’t stop me and I went on to download a few more audio books. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment. Some of the audio books were actually really  good (The Glass Towers Trilogy read by Erin Coker and The Crossfire series read by Jill Redfield) and some bad. I mean so damn bad I had to ask for a refund bad! Do the authors have a say in who reads for them? Do they even listen before it’s published? Sheesh

All that to say that to say that I still download audio books from Audible and I’m presently listening to the Abby Weeks series The Arrangement, read by Bailey Varness, which is definitely a hit. If you’ve read these books then you know it is SMUT-tastic!! I mean this series is so hot that I’ve had to change my drawers! Listening to this woman read it has made it an even more rewarding experience..except if you’re driving and almost hit a tree because you can’t believe that just happened. I have a few suggestions to make audio books better and I’m thinking of starting a Kickstarter Campaign to see if I can make it happen.

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