Baby It’s Cold Outside…

It’s my favorite time of year. The leaves turn colors, Krispy Kreme makes their pumpkin spice donuts and its time to snuggle. Thanks to some of my favorite Book Buddies here is our top 10 list of book boyfriends!

  1.  Rush of the Rosemary Beach Series…The bad boy son of a Rock God..Rush loves and loves hard even if he made Blair sleep under the stairs in the beginning. He more than redeemed himself.
  2.  Travis Maddox of Beautiful Disaster…I’d be his Pigeon ANY DAY..Travis fights, smokes and drives a Harley..ummm YUM
  3.  Dean Holder of Hopeless..He fell in love when he was a boy and loved her forever, how awesome is that.
  4.  Lucas Maxfield of Easy…sexy bad boy who doesn’t do…this. But as fine as he is no wonder things come Easy.
  5. Gavin Blake of Collide & love with one of his best friend’s girl Gavin steals her heart with Bottle caps so cute.
  6.  Colton Donovan of the Driven Trilogy… I Race You..enough said.
  7. Andrew Hamilton of the Reasonable Doubt Series…hot, dirty mouth lawyer who can’t stand liars..he can try my case any day
  8. Will Cooper of, smart, poet. He can read you a bed time poem as he tucks you in.
  9.  Mace Torres of Tattered Love..this is on my TBR list…hot Hot HOT!
  10. Miles of Ugly Love..heart broken pilot who you can’t ask about his past and never expect a long as he looks like this that’s fine with me


Harrison Towers, Glass Towers Trilogy.

Sean Ferro , The Arrangement HM Ward

Hudson Pierce, Fixed Trilogy. Professor Gabriel Emerson, Gabriel’s Inferno

Mitch, My Skylar

so ladies and possibly some gents..this is my list of sexy man candy and the books they belong to. I mean lets face it the perfect man only exists in Books.

Happy Reading!

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