So I went on a rant a little while ago about Audible and the quality of audio books. In that post I mentioned I was listening to a story called The Arrangement by Abby Weeks, narrated by Ms. Blair. Man oh man did I have high hopes for this one.

 If you remember I told you this was panty soaking by book 2 (there are 5 in the series) but the smut was all it really had going for it. The premise of the book was interesting and I thought I knew where the author was going but …


April Masterson is a typical house wife and mother of 2 young girls 4&6. Her husband Walter is trying to make partner at his firm and he needs to make one hell of an impression and so does his wife. She’s got to satisfy the other 3 partners and I ain’t talking her looks *wink wink* But Walter doesn’t tell her this she finds out AFTER he moves them into a bigger house and put the kids in boarding school.

Now this is borderline Big Love at this point. The partners of the firm and their wives all have this “arrangement” they sleep with each other when they feel like it, pimp the wives out to other clients  and call it one big happy family. April loves the money and Walter’s new job and she thinks with the girls gone she can go back to work to keep herself busy since she is now a lady of leisure. Yeah, no not gonna happen. In this arrangement there is a hierarchy with the senior partner and his wife Kit running things. Kit keeps the other wives in check constantly reminding them that they can never leave because they control them financially and how they all love each other and are family blah blah blah. But once you get on her bad side her punishment is in pleasure. This makes for great smut but bad story. So many things went wrong by book 3,4,5

April and one of the other wives had to “entertain” some clients and Walter, April’s husband, became too jealous to handle the Arrangement and started beating April. The bellhop at the hotel sees it stops it then helps her escape. They break into the boarding school to try to steal the kids but the evil Kit already has them. They sneak onto the plantation to steal the kids from Kit but there are armed guards waiting. The following then happens in this order.. shooting, fighting, clit licking, jizz on the face, dick up the ass, shooting, running,  then some more shooting. They get the kids make a run for it and it ends. It just ends. I listened until the app shut off thinking I missed something or maybe there was another book. Nope it just stopped. Fin, El Fin, finito!

I was so devastated I emailed the author. She was gracious enough to reply telling me this was her first go at it and she hadn’t quite mastered the art of wrapping up the story in a nice neat bow. I will give this story 2.5 stars out of 5. This needed a lot of work and the author knows. The quality of the audio book was great and the woman narrating did a FANTASTIC job.


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