Baby Makin Magic…

 The Proposition and The Proposal, by Katie Ashley, was my “hair of the dog”, so to speak, after nursing my bad boy book hangover (Better When He’s Bad, Jay Crownover).

30-year-old Emma Harrison’s biological clock is ticking so loudly she can’t ignore it and with a deceased fiance` and no prospective baby daddies on the horizon her gay bestie, Connor, agrees to give his love juice. That is until Connor’s boyfriend decides that he doesn’t want to be with Connor if he has and illegitimate kid with Emma.

30 something Aidan Fitzgerald is a manwhore. He pumps anything with a pulse and isn’t ashamed of it. Why should he be? He is the VP of his company, hot, single and can melt panties off of any woman he wants and he wants Emma. When she rebuffs him at the company Xmas party he writes her off as a cold fish, however, he runs into her again while she is arguing with Connor. After coming to her “rescue” and hearing the entire story from Drama King Connor, Aidan decides he will give his services to the fertility cause but only if they do it naturally.

I thought this was gonna be like that Jennifer Lopez movie but it so wasn’t it was better, considering most J.Lo movies suck. The chemistry between these two is hot and it makes for great sexy time but they are so compatible you can’t help but hope they get together. The supporting characters are just as funny, from the 3 nephews to the gay best friend, I laughed every time they were in a scene. Although the first book doesn’t end with they typical cliffhanger you are left wanting more.

Needing to know if Emma and Aidan get their HEA I bought The Proposal. So of course you can guess by the name of the book that they get engaged, everything leading up to it is OFF THE HOOK. The ups and downs that Emma and Aidan go through make for a great follow-up and the damaged inflicted is something that is so hard to come back from I kept reading to see if they could pull it out. This series was and awesome love story and I recommend it so 4.5 out of 5 stars. There is another book called The Pairing but it’s about two supporting characters so I didn’t add that here.


I love you like XO!!

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