Love Like This Before…

 The After Dark Series by Kahlen Aymes has me at a loss for words. I am not sure how to really describe the overwhelming contentment I felt as I finished this wonderful love story.

Dr. Angeline Hemming is a clinical psychologist for the DA’s office as a night-time talk radio host. She gives advice to sorta like Frasier but with a sexy voice.

Alexander Avery is a sexy real estate mogul who doesn’t have time for love, commitment or clingy women.

In book 1 we’re introduced to the main characters Angel and Alex. She is working on a rape case for the DA’s office and starting her new radio gig. She gives relationship advice to this woman named Whitney who actually is “dating” the show producer’s best friend, Alexander Avery. Although she never says who the “he” is she was referring to, Darian (producer) knows and tells his homeboy. Alex, fresh from a business trip, meets up with drinks for the guys and is told about Whitney’s shenanigans. He calls the radio show to tell his side of the story and it this starts the ball rolling between he and Angel.

The banter with these two is hilarious. I’ve never heard a penis called a “man banana” and I found myself giggling often with these two. She isn’t the typical fall all over the sexy mogul heroine as she gives Alex hell with her sassy mouth and hard to get attitude. The chase makes for a great story and I was hooked. Book 2 continues with their love story but with the added drama of the slimy rape guy who has managed to escape prosecution. I can’t talk too much about book 2 and 3 because it will actually ruin it for you. Put it this way…after the first book we have:

  1. hot first time sex
  2. slimy rape guy
  3. hot shower sex
  4. dognapping
  5. hot tent made out of blankets sex
  6. mob hits
  7. hot limo sex
  8. shoot outs
  9. more HOT SEX…

So my friends as you can see there is so much to keep you turning the pages of this series. I’ve never really read a book that the two “lovers” fought love so much but loved each other so hard it was crazy. I have a new book boyfriend because Alexander Avery is The Man. 5 out of 5 stars for this fantastic series. Right now book 1 is FREE on Amazon

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