Damn You Sylvia Day…

Damn Gideon, Damn Eva, Damn Cary, Damn Corrine, Anne and Deanna. Just DAMN IT ALL!!

 I pre-ordered this book so that it would be waiting for me when I got up this morning and at precisely 3:15 am, I turned my lover on to see this gem patiently waiting in queue. I read until 6:15 when it was time to get myself and the boy ready for daycare and school and I’ll be damned if I will not be petitioning for Amazon to make a water proof case so that I can read in the shower because I did not want to put this book down.

Now this book picks up where book 3 Entwined with you left off..if you have not read the 3 earlier books (1. Bared to You 2. Reflected In You 3. Entwined With You) then stop here because you will not know what is going on and should be ashamed of yourself!

I love how Gideon loves Eva…he does everything he can to protect her from shame, hurt, embarrassment and even himself. He knows his demons constantly keep a wedge between them and he is desperate to find away to fix it without breaking himself. Eva on the other hand drives me nuts sometimes(I still love her though). She can come off as spoiled and bratty when it comes to things that IMO aren’t as important compared to some of the other issues they have. And when I say she is the mess, I just want to say “Hello Pot, Meet Kettle” I understand that she has issues of her own that make her insecure but cut the man just a little slack. I mean anyone who says thing likehas to get a little leeway sometimes. What I loved most about this series is that they have REAL issues. Communication, jealous exes, overbearing parents, Kim Kardashian style sex tape scandals, friends that aren’t quite as supportive as you’d expect or want and through it all they don’t just magically over come their issues. They have to really work for their happiness and because of that you keep rooting for them, you feel for them. I also enjoyed how the supporting character lent substance to the story. The lawyer, Ashar, was flipping hilarious in the way he goaded Gideon on being pussy-whipped and Cary of course is always good for some juicy tid bit or comic relief. His story line is also getting to be a little more interesting as his own drama is slowly unfolding. Well I can’t say too much more without spoiling this fantastic read. 5 out of 5 stars for this continuation of a great series. Ms. Day please don’t make me wait a whole year to continue this story because I am nursing one helluva book hangover…

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