Writing So Right!

 So I’ve been bogged down with writing papers and studying for finals which means I have neglected my Kindle and my book friends. For that I apologize..it’s not because I don’t love you all but I’ve got responsibilities, that I would rather shirk, however, my janky husband won’t let me. *sigh*

Well I stumbled on The Write Stuff as I was browsing through my Kindle “recommended for you” selections and it was FREE! Now you’re talking my language, I am a struggling college student you know. Book 1, The Write Stuff, is about this awesome 22-year-old Indie writer, Nicole Blake, who is cute, quirky, nerdy and an introvert. Her bestie is her manager, publicist, cover designer and anything else she needs her to be. Well she calls Nicole out to help her decide on the new cover and cover models when Nicole see Alec and all his six-pack glory..

Alec is pre-med, a bartender and a moon-lighting model. He has responsibilities and he isn’t going to let anything derail his plans. Money is what he needs to handle business and being the cover model for this book is a pretty good paying gig now if he can just keep his mind off the cute clumsy author he will be ok..

I enjoyed both books, I thought it was going to be the typical virgin + hot guy = over done love story. Yeah not so much. Alec doesn’t do virgins and he has a DAMN good reason on why. I love the fact that Nicole wasn’t the typical beauty and she was a bit insecure but she is funny as hell too. The banter with her best friend reminds me of some of the conversations I have with my best friend; it’s straight ignorant! I also loved the little peek into a writer’s process, although I am sure all writers don’t do this but her creative process and then what follows to get a book to Amazon or print is interesting. Book 2 picks up with Alec and Nicole in a completely different space after her book takes off at an alarming rate. They have new challenges that test them in ways that make you want to scream then cry then slap someone’s face for being so stupid..I just can’t tell you who as that would ruin it completely. I am not sure how you guys feel about New Adult but I really liked this one so 4.5 stars out of 5 for this cheap find..two books for .99 and they were AWESOME reads.

To buy book 1 The Write Stuff click here. It’s still FREE!! 

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