Awesome Sauce!!

That’s what Darker Water by Lauren Stewart freaking awesome sauce!

I read this book almost in one sister went into false labor and I had to stop because I was about to be an Aunt again, but only because she said so..she’s big and moody and pregnant so now I am totally afraid of her. But anyway.. Laney Temple is a talented artist with a terrible track record when it comes to men. She calls them all frogs, as they start out Princes until she kisses them and they…turn into frogs. Sick of kissing toads she swears of men even sexy ass tattooed Carson Bennett

Carson is blunt, sarcastic, charismatic and has absolutely no time for love. He’s attracted to Laney but all he wants is what’s between her legs and not her ears and definitely not her heart. Love is not allowed…EVER until it is all that matters.

I read this book based on a blurb I saw on another blog. This is the first time I’ve ever read anything by this author and I am glad I did. I loved this book and I got me a new Book Boyfriend. The characters were perfectly flawed yet perfect for each other. Their banter was hilarious especially when they first meet:

” Listen, I’m sure you’re a wonderful person, but I need to focus.” I pointed to my phone without raising my head. “Or I’m going to break my winning streak.”

“I’m not sure if you know this” -the legs moved a step closer- “but when you win, you don’t actually get the any candy. Yeah,” he grumbled. “The day I found that out was one of the worst days of my life.”

I think I liked it because it wasn’t your typical fall in love story, hell neither of them wanted love they did everything they could to avoid it yet they have this strong sexual chemistry which makes for a fantastic read. They agree to be friends with “to be determined” benefits:

“Like if you lied about say…fantasizing about me, I would still tell you I did.” He knew I had. Damn him. “I might even tell you that fantasy-you is fucking wild and if we ever do have sex, you have a lot to live up to.”

“If we ever have sex, I’ll show you how much you underestimated real-me when you compared me to that fantasy bitch.”

They both have demons they are battling, his made my heart hurt in a special kind of way. So much so that I did get teary eyed but no full on water works. I enjoyed this book so very very much that it will receive 5 out of 5 stars!! I just wish it didn’t end.


To purchase Darker Water, by Lauren Stewart click here

4 thoughts on “Awesome Sauce!!

  1. readlaurens says:

    I will forever think of you whenever I hear the expression “awesome sauce.” LOL

    Thank you sooo much for that great review, Lisa. I’m hugely happy you liked the book. Too bad you don’t like paranormal stuff though. What’s that about anyway??? 😉

    ❤ Lauren


    • Lisa M. says:

      Hahahahahaha one bad paranormal book ruined it forever for me..I was so turned off I called Audible and got a refund. For now Twilight will probably remain the only non-human books in my collection. I may try again someday, any suggestions?


      • readlaurens says:

        You mean besides mine? No, they all suck. Hahaha! TOTALLY kidding, so no one get mad at me!

        I’m a huge JR Ward and Karen Marie Moning fan. Those women seriously know how to write. Ward’s guys crack me up and Moning wrote the world’s best bastard alpha ever IMO. But I know we all go through phases with each genre. Just don’t give up on it forever. 😉


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