On the first day of Lit-mas

Hahahahahahahaha…get it Lit-mas, Literary Christmas..no…I thought it was clever. Okay so here is the story about a girl who re-kindled her love of reading about a year ago. So be ready because for the next 12 days I will be giving short snippets on the 12 books I absolutely LOVED in 2014!

On 12/25/2013 my mom received a Kindle Fire from her fiance` so her 1st edition Kindle she handed over to me. At the time I was a physical book gal, didn’t know much about E-readers because I wanted to feel my books, turn the pages, smell the paper. I have never loved something more than I loved that Kindle. My mom had a few books on the Kindle that I enjoyed while on Christmas break. I’ve read John Grisham before but this book was new to me so I read it; loved it of course. But the book that changed the game for me was Fifty Shades of Grey. She had the entire trilogy on the kindle so I started it 12/30/2013 and I read all three books in 48 hours, book 2 I read straight through only breaking to go potty. I literally sat on my sofa in my PJs and DID. NOT. MOVE. Drove my husband nuts. I was so in love with these characters that I literally read those three books every day for one week straight. Dissecting the conversations, the movements of the characters, their feelings, everything. With the exception of Twilight I didn’t think I could love characters so much. Then I reconnected with a good friend, Paige T. Paige has opened up my literary world and now I am a book addict. So much so that when I broke the Kindle my mom gave me I called her (mom) crying, completely devastated. I called Amazon and ordered a new Kindle with the promise of a next day delivery. I was so dependent on my Kindle that one day had me feeling like I was having withdrawals. I was shaking, pacing, picking up books then putting them back down..WTF! My brother took mercy on me and came over just as the UPS worker on the phone was getting a mouthful as my order had not be delivered and handed me a gift box.

” What is this?” I asked. “Just read the card first then open it Lisa, damn,” he answered.


The card was beautiful all that mush about being a great sister and working hard blah blah blah. What touched me more than anything was the beautiful new Kindle Fire HD that accompanied the card. My baby brother loves me. I danced around the house then ran to my room to start making love to what I know affectionately call “the love of my life”. My lover has never let me down we spent plenty of sleepless nights together and I look forward to loving Kindle even more in 2015. So for my first day of Lit-mas my true love gave to me FIFTY!! That’s right Christian “Oh My Damn” Grey! Yes ladies and gents..I still can read all three of these books and swoon 2/14/2015 can not come fast enough!

One thought on “On the first day of Lit-mas

  1. Very Bangled says:

    Love the lit-mas!! My mom gave me my ipad that I am soooo addicted to for Christmas. So I know exactly how you feel about your kindle. I never knew I wanted one! And now I’m sooo hooked. Looking forward to your 12 days!


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