A Weekend of 3.5

Talk about a bad case of blue balls..for those of you that don’t know what that is, ask your boyfriend or husband. I had the opportunity this weekend to finally read Conquer Me by Geneva Lee, part 2 to a book read earlier this year(Command Me The Royal Saga Book 1) and a two-part series called Lawyers In Love Books 1 & 2. Man can you say disappointing weekend.

I’ll start with the Lawyers in Love series.. I had such high hopes for this series and to be honest it wasn’t a complete let down but boy it was close. The story is about a cute Jewish public defender, Gabrielle, and her mad crush turn love affair with sexy prosecutor, Braden. Book 1 was so fun to read, like actually laugh out loud fun. Gabrielle was so cute and awkward and honest. While Braden was hot and sweet and attentive. The sexy time was great and we all know how I love my smut but I will say that the highlight of this book for me was Gabrielle’s Jewish family. When she took Braden to meet her family her grandmother, Bubbe, almost had me peeing in my pants:

“Well, were you keeping him happy in bed?” Bubbe asked, and I started to panic. “Ma!” My mother cut in. “How could you ask that? You’re not gonna blame her because her husband cheated on her?!” “I’ll bet you money she didn’t give him oral attention,” Bubbe announced.

I was in tears. But it wasn’t just the family that was hilarious, the court cases where just a silly. I swear some of these people were arrested for the dumbest things, I mean seriously one dude was having a wine & cheese party in his pants. Anyway, Gabrielle receives an anonymous letter warning her to stay away from Braden and this is pretty much the set up for book 2. Book 2 fell apart. It wasn’t that it was predictable because there was no way in hell I could’ve predicted what happened in this book. Things progressed so fast and I know that some things do happen quickly with the “you know when you know” logic that some people have, but this was fast and foolish. The love in itself was wonderful it’s the way that the anonymous letter writer debacle was handled. It was plan silly. Now if that is what the author was going for then it hit the mark but for me it was a complete miss. I did love all the characters individually and together; the banter was witty and fun and the sex like I said was H O T so for the first two books in this series I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. There are more books in this series that follow each of the supporting characters and I am sure I will read the one about Adam and Lilly.

After I finished those books I moved on to another book that is part of a series, Conquer Me by Geneva Lee. I read the first book back in October and posted about it on 10/13 (review link is above) and I loved it..this not so much. I was excited and ready to cream my shorts when I downloaded this book. It picked up where Command Me left off and I was expecting so much more to take place. This book felt like filler to me instead of a continuation. Of course there was a little more character development and more of the puzzle pieces started to fall into place but there was also some drama that seemed a little forced and not something that would actually happen. The sex was over done and I found myself skimming for more dialogue, more story. Just more. One thing I did like allot about this book was some of the most angsty romantic lines that made me swoon;

“There’s only you. There will only ever be you. You’re mine, but never forget, I am yours as much as I can give of me, you can have of me.” -Alexander

“When you destroy a relationship, it only leads to regret,” she advised. “Regret poisons lives, and there is no greater regret than an abandoned love.” -Aunt Jane

There was also some great reflections as well;

Words could wound and destroy but they’d never be enough to heal or rebuild.

Our love was born of fire, baptized with the flames of fear and longing, and in it we were made new…

Damn that was deep! This book had some of the best villains ever but nothing was done with them. Pepper and the King were the most awesome bad guys with so much potential yet when it came time for the climax of evil it fell short. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. If it wasn’t for the last 15% of this book I would be screaming at the top of my lungs “It isn’t FAIR” but alas I didn’t have to do that. There will be a third book so Ms. Lee better bring it to bring this series to a climatic end because I wanted to love this book as much as the first but like was the best I could do so for that I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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