On the 5th day of Lit-Mas…

My true love gave to me…FIXED TRIL-O-GY!!!!!

 YES YES YES! Laurelin Paige wrote one HELLUVA story here. I was so into this book and all the twists and turns that by the time I got to book three I was sweating!

Alayna Withers has just graduated with her MBA and hopes to become GM at the nightclub where she is currently employed. She likes a certain type of man…a certain type of relationship, one that will keep her past from becoming a part of her present so when she comes face to face with a beautiful stranger at her bar she knows she has to stay away.

Hudson Pierce is rich, gorgeous and runs an empire. He saw Alayna at a symposium and decided he had to have her so he did what any man would do…he bought the nightclub she worked in and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Man oh man does this series take you on a trip. Both of these characters have things that they’d rather kept hidden but when it finally come to light OMG does shit hit the fan. But discovering all of their secrets is the best part…not just their secrets but the secrets of those around them play a GREAT part in this story too. The hero become the anti-hero and for a second you hate him but then you love him again. The dialogue is fresh and witty, the sex is hot and steamy and the betrayal is enough to make you wanna slap somebody. The myriad of emotions you go through is what really makes this book worth it. Anytime you find yourself shouting at your book/kindle you know the author did their job. So this was a 5 star read for me and this is my one spoiler; only because I love this scene so freaking much that I couldn’t help but share:

” As for my wife, I’m not going to invite her to rot in hell, as I  probably should, because I think she already lives there. At least hell is where anyone who spends any time with her feels like they’ve been sent,” Jack Pierce, The Fixed Trilogy.

To purchase The Fixed Trilogy click Here

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