Two for one! On the 8th day of Lit-Mas..

My true love gave to me…Reason to Breath (The Breathing Series) by Rebecca Donovan. This book was one of the first books that I read, in 2014, that made me cry. I was bawling my eyes out. This book is book 1 of the series and for me the strongest of the 3. It revolves around Emma who lives with her aunt and uncle after losing her parents and Evan who goes to the same high school with Emma. Emma does everything she can to not be seen around town , around school and especially at home, where things aren’t so great it’s a living hell. This book made me feel so many emotions…I went from sad to relief, to content to down right angry and ready to murder someone. But this book is so beautifully written I couldn’t put it down even though it was breaking my heart. This book is definitely a 5 star read but the series as a whole I would give 4 stars. I do recommend this if you are into emotional novels because this one will take you there and bring you back! 

On the 7th day of Lit-mas my true love gave to me the Driven Trilogy…Yesssss Colton Mother-F*cking Donovan!

 K. Bromberg did the damn thing with this series. I couldn’t put it down. It was just the right amount of smut mixed with love and a dash of sass. Rylee is independent, sweet, smart and an awesome house “mom” to the boys at the group home she works for. Colton is a sexy as sin race car driver and he likes his women just as fast as his cars..there isn’t a checkered flag he hasn’t been able to get on and off the track. That is until he meets Rylee at a charity function and the fire works begin. I liked this series because it was fun, sexy and smart. The chemistry between Rylee and Colton was palpable and the banter was witty and hot. It also totally helps that the sex is off the chart HOT! 5 stars for ea. book and the series as a whole..This book has definitely produced another Book Boyfriend in Colton because this man lights my panties on fire! I RACE HIM

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