On the 9th day of Lit-Mas

My true love gave to me Betrayed by Wodke! The synopsis of this book drew me in while I was looking for something to read after a much deserved book hangover. I wanted to read something that would keep my attention but not a whole hot and heavy love story with great sex…ok who am I kidding I can always read something that has great sex scene.

The story is about Brooklyn (Brook) a wealthy socialite who is sent to pick up a rare book for her husband. When she gets to the bookstore she realizes she is in a super shady part of town. Attempting to get out of there totally saying “to hell with that book” she is car jacked then kidnapped when the car jacking goes terribly wrong. Held captive Brook has to escape and get back home.

Lance left his old life behind to become something of a recluse. All the wealth and status in the world wouldn’t bring his wife back. Without her he’d rather have nothing and no one and definitely didn’t plan on finding a naked woman in the woods near his cabin let alone keeping her around.

I liked this book allot. It was dark, gritty and gruesome but it then became light, airy and sweet. The trauma and drama that Brook has to deal with was hard to read. I found myself having to walk away for moments at a time as the author wrote these scenes in such great detail that I physically ached from reading them. Although the villains were idiots and sort of demonized version of robbers from Home Alone (no seriously they were that dumb) and should have been written a little better, I loved the way Brook and Lance were written. The way they helped and healed each other learn to trust and love again was awesome and a joy to read. Towards the end it got a little cheesy but overall it was a really good book and has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars from this chica!

To Purchase Betrayed click here

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