Crazy 8’s…

I love the holidays!! Gatherings, great food, and most importantly uninterrupted reading time. Well, not totally uninterrupted considering I have a 35 and 4-year old who must play with every LOUD, battery operated toy in the house. But while I’ve read allot I don’t want to bore you with a long drawn out review of each so I am going to do this one lighting round style, with a “read it” or “don’t need it” tag…

 “For the same reasons Don Juan, or whatever his name is, bothers me. Neither of them are good enough for you. And they aren’t me.” – Jackson, Ready or Not. First up, Ready or Not by J.L. Berg. This book is part of a series but can definitely be read as a standalone. I liked it allot. The feuding neighbors turned lovers was fun. Pink Flamingos and Baby Mama Drama! Read It

“This is love. Finally, he understood. This was what made sane men into fools.”- Maid for Love. Next, Maid for Love by Marie Force. This book was just ok. It was sugary sweet and I like a little grit to my romance. The way they initially got together was bogus but I enjoyed the love story nonetheless. This is a Don’t Need It unless you like that sickening sweet tooth kind of love story.

“But bubbles are fragile, delicate things, Stefano. They don’t last. No matter how much you may shield them, they eventually pop.” -Megan, Scandal With a Prince. Next was Scandal With a Prince by Nicole Burnham. I enjoyed this one because I love the Prince/commoner me a hopeless romantic. This was one of the better Royalty novels and this one involves an illegitimate child. Read It.

” A woman who knows almost nothing about sex, but has the desire and instincts of a whore. She’d never be one, though; she would just make the lucky bastard in her life want to drop to his knees in gratitude” – Lucian, Pierced. Pierced, by Sydney Landon, is Book 1 in a series. Great start and I love the damage that both Lucian and Lia have. His vice scares me but I’m interested in how he comes out on the other side with Book 2. Read It

“… You don’t have the power over me.”
“No. You have the power. That’s what you don’t understand. You have the power – or I wouldn’t be lying in bed at night remembering how you taste. And I do remember how you taste. All of you. Every last inch. Your mouth. Your neck. Your nipples. Your-” – Mark Compton, I Belong to You

WOW..I’ve been an avid fan of Lisa Renee Jones. The Inside Out Series as a whole is just THAT DAMN GOOD and this didn’t disappoint. Read It, but only if you’re following the series..this CAN NOT be read as a stand alone.

 “Tell me how you really feel Beryl, but don’t tell me some half-truth. Don’t tell me you like me a lot when I feel so much more for you. Don’t tell me you’re just crazy about me when I love you like my life depends on it” – Gavin, Tattoo Thief. Heidi Joy Tretheway..this is a freaking mouthful of a name. Geezus, Tattoo Thief is the start of a series but can be read as a standalone as the next novels will feature co-starring characters. This one was good and it kept me interested. I just didn’t understand how they fell in love. Rock band love story..Read It or Don’t I’m on the fence with this one.

 Loved It Loved It Loved It..Finding Southern Comfort, by Barbara Lohr, was a good story. The stripper turn nanny is awesomely funny and the handsome rich construction magnet is hot. Although there aren’t many love scenes I loved the story itself which always makes up for lack of smut in my book. Read It.

Ransom by Rachel Schurig is a good YA novel. I enjoyed it and the anti-bully message it had. I expected bullying in middle and high school kids but didn’t realize the extent of damage that it can cause as this followed this young woman to her sophomore year in college. Sad how cruel jealousy can make people. Don’t Need It.

So that was my version of Textteaser Lightning Round..

Happy Reading!

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