Caught Me Slippin…

My son and husband say this a lot, usually when they’ve been lazy or half-assing a task that they’re typically up on. Oh yes, my fellow bookies, I have been slippin! I’ve have been reading like a crazy person since school is fast approaching so this will be one of my lengthier reviews as I will be reviewing several books. So without further adieu…

frenchedyanked VIVE LA FRANCE!! J’aime ces livres. Yes, I loved these books. Frenched and Yanked, by Melanie Harlow, were freaking awesome! I found myself swooning over the hero with his French/American accent. I am a sucker for accents.

Mia Devine is hiding from the world. Depressed and devastated after being dumped the week before her wedding by a jackass, her best friends convince her to go on her honeymoon without him and enjoy the already paid for vacation. Lost in the City of Love Mia wanders into a bar where she meets sexy bartender Lucas Fournier. He offers to show her Paris and to change her mind about her view of the city, as she feels like it sucks!

I enjoyed this book so much. I was a little skeptical about how easy she was to agree to spend so much time with a stranger. I felt like her mother, what if they sold her into to sex slavery or something. Being in a foreign country where you barely speak the language and hanging with a stranger?? This heifer was crazy, didn’t she see Taken!! But anyway of course in this love story our hero turned out to be a pipe laying, swoon worthy, sexy ass Frenchman, she was safe from sex trafficking. The chemistry between them is great and you feel yourself falling in love with them as a couple. But is it really love or a rebound thing?? Either way get your groove on girl you deserve it after all that you’ve been through. Their affair must come to an end considering her honeymoon trip was only for 5 days or does it?? Yanked picks up right where Frenched left off but this I will not tell you about as it will spoil Frenched for you. Just read them both O.K. 4.5 out of 5 stars

librarian This book was crazy!! Author Helena Hunting did a wonderful job with this one.

New school librarian, Analiese Harper, is happy with her new job, in a new state, at a new school. And she is definitely happy with her sexy new boss. Well he’s just eye candy considering there is a “no fraternizing” policy after the previous principal/teacher scandal that resulted in demotions and firings.. you know all the good stuff that comes with the outing of an affair. But there is something about Principal Ryder Whitehall that just sets the ladies panties on fire. After finding some questionable items on her laptop, Ms. Harper gets called to the Principals office for “punishment”

Again, why haven’t I ever had a sexy teacher, principal or professor?!! Why why why dammit!! In all my years of schooling I have NEVER and I mean never had any damn eye-candy! I am a trifle bit miffed about this…anyway, I enjoyed this book because it made me laugh. Analiese and her best friend were hilarious. Who has a bestie that is willing to photo shop your crushes face on a porn star and make you a “home video” how freaking awesome is that. Not to mention this:

“Please tell me those aren’t your parents.” “Those aren’t my parents,” Liese responded automatically. “Those are your parents.” He groaned. “Yes, they are. I thought they weren’t going to be here until tomorrow.” “Sweet Christ. Your mother just saw my ass.” Ryder grabbed his discarded boxers from the floor and yanked them on. “Don’t worry, you have a great ass.” ~ The Librarian Principle

So this forbidden romance it’s cute and you’ll love it. 4 out of 5 stars

SydneyLandon_Fractured_1400pxAnd finally I finished my Saturday night with Fractured by Sydney Landon…this is book two of the Lucian and Lia story. All I can say is damn! I was so into this story by the end of book 1 that when I saw Book 2 was ready my impatience won out and I succumbed to my One-Click addiction. I was so into this book I didn’t cook nor eat dinner. Not that this book was super long but once I started I didn’t want to stop. And what sucks the most is that I can’t tell you what happens or I’ll spoil it for you. But I will promise you this..I will not buy another book in a series until the series is complete…yeah I didn’t believe that either! This waiting around BS is going to make me crazy but so far this series is so DAMN GOOD. I mean allot of the books I’ve been reading book 2 seems to be the slowest. They are typically filler and only progress the story slightly. You know stuff that could be used to either make book 1 longer or just cut out book 3 all together and add 2+3 together. I really wonder if this is the idea of the author or if it’s the publisher/agent that says we gotta milk this cow just a little longer?? Ahh well, 5 stars for book 2 let us just hope Ms. Landon stays on a roll with this series!

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